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Standing Committee Chairs

Production Committee
The production committee oversees activities in the Community Garden.  Responsibilities include planning of what to plant, where to plant it, when to plant it, etc.  The committee will recruit and train, if necessary, volunteers to carry out the plans.  It is anticipated that ad hoc proposals will arise from time to time for use of the Community Garden space, especially educational demonstrations.  The Production Committee will coordinate these activities with the other activities in the Community Garden.

Prayer Garden Committee
The Prayer Garden Committee will oversee the care and maintenance of the Prayer Garden built by Paul J. as his Eagle Scout project.  Volunteers will be recruited to carry out the tasks associated with this activity.

Educational Committee
The Educational Committee will seek out programs/demonstrations in gardening techniques and practices that will benefit members and the general public.  The committee will coordinate scheduling of such programs/demonstrations with the appropriate committees that can help such as the Program Committee and the Production Committee.

Program Committee
The Program Committee is responsible to find/develop suitable programs for the regular monthly meetings.   Such programs my include outside speakers, video presentations, etc and such topics as they deem best fit the Club's mission and vision.

Social Committee
The social committee plans social activities such as holiday parties, an annual picnic, pot luck meals before regular meetings, etc.

AD HOC Committees
Ad Hoc committees shall be formed and dissolved as deem necessary or desirable.