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Front Entry Project - cont'd

posted May 31, 2013, 6:44 AM by Unknown user
In an earlier post (see below) I had described re-doing our front entry.  Here I can report the more-or-less completion of the project.  The idea was to divert the entry to our front door away from a short side entrance to our front porch from the driveway to a curved walkway starting farther down the driveway with an entry garden to the side.  We closed off the short walkway with a vinyl privacy fence that definitely requires visitors to follow the new path but also extends the front porch and makes a more private "breakfast nook."

The entry garden features our big ol' rock (described below) and will utilize low growing junipers and creeping thyme as evergreen ground covers.  In the fall we will plant lots of anemones to provide spring color.  For this first year we have added ornamental sweet potato plants which should cover most of the area to the front of the garden nicely.