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Local Source for Mulch and Compost

posted Apr 2, 2013, 6:33 PM by Unknown user
To me, the two most valuable practices are using mulch and compost.  I'm not sure which is the most important but in my gardening life I have always been able to come up with affordable mulch but affordable compost has eluded me.  Now that I have more room I'm experimenting with composting on a larger scale (see my blog below on experiments with a barrel composter).  But I have often practiced mulching and I'm a great supporter of it.

So, I came across an ad in the Cuba Free Press for Don Reeves Sawmill and it is right close by in Bourbon.  I visited there yesterday with my little utility trailer and saw piles and piles of chopped up hardwood and old (25 years plus) sawdust.  The sawdust is sold for $8 per scoop - and these guys use BIG scoops (~ 1 1/2 cubic yard).  Their minimum order is two scoops for $16.  I couldn't fit two scoops on my trailer but still had to pay the $16 - I'm not complaining, mind you.  If I can get a bigger wagon or truck, I will go back and really load up.

I used this load to amend the back fill soil for some shrubs I planted (two shovels dirt, one shovel sawdust).  The rest I spread as mulch over part of my landscape plantings - as far as it would go.    I have a lot of flower beds I want to mulch down (plus vegetable garden).  Last year I spread about 50 cubic yards of the stuff (at a cost of some $750).  I told you I believe in mulch, didn't I?

I put a reference to Don's sawmill on the Local Resources page.  There is a map link to the sawmill which is just East of Bourbon.