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Transplanting Ground Cover

posted Mar 30, 2013, 10:09 AM by Unknown user
A significant part of home gardening is saving money.  If you need a lot of plants, as I do, getting new plants from old plantings is a good way to save money.  I want and need large areas covered by ground covers and one of my favorites is vinca minor.  When we moved here in late 2011 I set out to define areas where I wanted ground cover (instead of lawn) and found some small areas of vinca minor growing from the previous owner so I dug it up and spaced it along the walkway around the house.  It prospered well during the summer of 2012 (of course, we kept it watered) so I decided to dig up a clump or two to get some more plants.  The image below shows where I dug up a clump (I plan to put some stepping stones in there anyway) and one can see in the background how thickly it grew in one season.

That was quite a tangled clump but it is possible to tease apart sections with plenty of roots for transplanting.

These I planted in shallow pits spaced about 18 to 24 inches in each direction.  I expect that these isolated clumps will grow sufficiently in the next few months to give pretty much complete coverage of the area I want.

I didn't count how many I planted, but I would guess it was well over 100 - quite a saving from having to buy the same amount!