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Transplanting Rhubarb

posted Apr 8, 2013, 7:47 PM by Unknown user
I decided that the two rhubarb roots I had planted in the Spring of 2012 were in the wrong place - at least not the best place.  I have come to understand that rhubarb prefers afternoon shade, and they weren't getting it in the original location.  So I dug up the two plants (which had done fairly well their first year) being careful to get as many roots as I could.  The plants looked fairly robust.

I put them in one of my flower borders on the East side of the house.  They will be shaded from about 1:00 pm on.  I also think their big leaves and bright red stems will add interest to the flower bed.  After their first week in the new location the leaves and stems are growing nicely so I expect the transplanting operation to be a success.  I will judge how well they are doing later and make take enough stems for at least one pie.